Proprietor's Message

Abu Travel Service the most trusted Manpower office in India was started by Mr. Abu Asim Azmi in the year 1976.
In Abu Travel Service, we believe that beginnings are always complex; whether at personal business levels or at a corporate level. Consequently, we work hard to overcome all difficulties that may impede our way, because Success has always been our key objective since the beginning of Abu Travel Service.

Strategic planning is the key factor for the success of any business. We earn the communities trust and reliability by setting our priorities towards serving the community of all social groups and classes; as their satisfaction is the basis of our success.

Accordingly, Abu Travel Service was established 38 years ago with the significant help of our dedicated team devoting every effort to provide better services in several important areas such as Real Estate, Construction, HR Consultancy, Hospitality, Hotels & Restaurants, Manufacturing & Retailing, Travel and Tourism, as well as Health Care.

We have been successful in every step that was notable for us to seek expanding the scope of our work and to expand globally. After studying the world’s most important economic regions, we have established our offices there, so we can provide our best services to the largest possible number of the increasing population.

Mr. Abu Asim Azmi
( Member of Legislative Assembly- Mumbai,
Ex-Member of Rajya Sabha - India,
President of Samajwadi Party- Mumbai)